Donkeys in the Springtime

That seems an improbable title for a post, but it is just what we have had in Mougins le Haut these last couple of days.

The Mairie seems to have decided to send out seven donkeys to our village, to clear up the grass that’s grown everywhere after all the rain these last few months.

The news of their impending arrival had spread already the previous day and the children were looking forward to it, so the sight of them created a lot of fun and excitement as the children all came out from school on Tuesday evening and saw them munching away on the grassy slope that runs along the road going in to school.

I thought this a great idea on more than one count. It is probably a cost-effective solution for the purpose, as well as eco-friendly (the Mairie, which is very green-minded, is advertising this measure as such- the digital display board on the side of the road that climbs up to the village says just now, “Ecologie !… ” and announces the work the donkeys are doing). And of course  the children’s delight at the whole scene makes me hope the donkeys will be back next spring too.

Here’s a picture of les’anes.


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