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“He’s a growing boy…

…his clothes are just not keeping up, he’s a growing boy, look how he’s shooting up !”

or something like that, I think. Those were the words of a Complan or Bournvita commercial on Indian television many years ago, and I am often reminded of it each time I see that the girls’ shirt sleeves are getting shorter yet again, which means that through the long winter they have grown and so it is time to go shopping for clothes again.

I sometimes feel a little guilty, and ill-prepared, when I send them to school on a winter morning in a shirt or sweater the sleeves of which are not quite long enough to cover their arms as much as they’d like so as to be really cozy.

Then yesterday, when I was in the library with Indira’s class as they did some online research, I was amused to see that there were at least three other children whose sleeves looked as if they could definitely be longer.

So probably it happens to other mothers too, I thought, that you suddenly find yourself scrambling for clothes that fit them well !


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