The Desijournal Essays

Some years ago, I wrote a few essays for a website called It was a great forum that encouraged thoughtful and considered interaction among writers and readers.

Since the site is not online any more, I am archiving those essays here. Thanks Mohan b., for suggesting I do this.

Dec 19, 2003         The Days Are Just Packed

Jan 30, 2004         I Call This Place Home

Mar 19, 2004        The Story of Nowhere Man

May 7, 2004         Ma, This one is for You

Oct 15, 2004         Leaving Home, Coming Home

Nov 19, 2004       A Letter from France

Sep 30, 2005       English as a Foreign (or not) Language

Mar 24, 2006       Learning to Live in Barbie World

Jan   2008              A Christmas Chronicle


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