About Me

I am an Indian, a wife and a mother of two little girls, a works-out-of-home consultant, currently a resident of the south of France, a really keen cook who loves to try and create interesting meals for family and friends, very interested in nutrition, and someone that loves to write (I have written in the past for http://www.desijournal.com/).

This blog is informed by the interconnectedness between those various identities.

So it is about what I cook for my family, how, why and everything else around that. Such as my “research”, as documented in the Food Facts section, about the nutritive value -or not- of the things we eat. This propensity for always wanting to investigate the benefits or otherwise of anything we eat and drink prompted Shri, my husband, to long ago label me the Food Police.

It is also the place where I want to preserve some of the little everyday stories and memories of my life with my girls  that I don’t want to lose to the passage of time.

One day, I hope, my daughters will find this endevor useful if they try to recreate the tastes of home as I do now, when I try to cook something just the way my mother does.

Along the way, it would be wonderful to exchange ideas with others out there who are as interested in this whole fascinating subject of food.

This blog has moved to http://talesfromourtable.wordpress.com/


8 responses to “About Me

  1. I look forward to improving our evening meals by choosing one of your recipes every day! Especially daal. Well done Chandna, love Sian

  2. chandna

    thanks Sian 🙂

  3. Meelie


    Excellent – this will be a great place to pick your brain not only for all the latest nutrition info ( I still remember how you tuned me into how bad trans fats were long before we were hearing anything about them this side of the pond!) as well as some really good recipes. Pandara Road Zindabad! Love,

  4. Alwyn

    Hi Chandna,

    Any diabetes special meals????


  5. Hi there, Alwyn,

    nice to see you here 🙂

    No, I haven’t explored cooking for someone with diabetes.

    But if you tell me some specifics, I will be happy to figure out ideas for what to cook and how to cook it.

    In the meanehile, check out this blog, which I came across once and which looks interesting to me –


  6. Eva Taylor

    Hi Chanda,
    I am looking for a good, but easy Pappadam recipe – do you have one? Thanks, Eva

    • Hi Eva,

      thanks for visiting.

      well, Pappadams are not something one typically makes from scratch; you can buy the packaged variety, in most Asian/Indian stores,that only need to to be roasted/fried/micro-waved as per the instructions. You’ll find two sorts – the south-Indian variety which are called Pappadams and the north-India/Gujarati variation called Papad. Both are cooked the same way.
      The traditional way of making them – still followed by those who work in the cottage industry that supplies the packaged, ready-to-roast form – is somewhat time consuming in that it involves rolling out very very thin sheets of dough, cutting these in to circles which are then dried in the sun over a few days before being stored in air-tight boxes.

      here’s the wiki link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papadum

      I found one recipe here – http://food.sulekha.com/papadum-id4840-26849-recipe.htm – that does not need the pappadums to be dried in the sun.

      best wishes,


  7. hey chandana lovely blog,i was wondering how to follow ur blog?

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