Talking about what happened on September 11, 2001

It’s been 8 years, but I still remember watching the images on television of the WTC falling. The first few seconds I don’t think I was able to quite comprehend what was happening, or believe, or get my head around those pictures.

Indira was only 5 days old that day and I remember feeling so  scared and despondent that for all its’ progress the world could still on occasion be a dangerous and uncertain place.

Then yesterday, when she asked me, after having picked up some talk on the subject in the school play ground, why September 11 was a sad day for American people, I found myself unprepared to answer her question though it has been 8 years. But I will talk to her, this weekend, to explain just what happened and why – for it is important that she knows and understands – and this essay

will help me arrange my thoughts.

Moina Noor, the person who has written it tells of her experience so simply and with such integrity and very much from the heart.  I found it very moving and was able to relate completely to how she must feel as a  mother dealing with the issue.

She says at the end  “….I explained that good and bad exists in every group, even your own…”  which, I think, is the essence of what we all need to understand.


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