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Discovering Scrabble

Indira and I played our first game together today 🙂

Julia, the teacher for the French curriculum, asks them to make words on their little white boards, every once in a while,  with 10 letters she gives them at random. This has piqued Indira’s interest in Scrabble and since she is obliged to stay at home all this week – Dr. Galliano’ orders due to an ear infection and a stomach infection she’s developed which are very contagious, he says – she asked me this morning if we could play a game of Scrabble together.

I was only too pleased to be able to take out the board and dust it off after all these years !

She enjoyed the game, even won it (98 points to my 96, albeit with some help :-)) and helped me make a nice word too ( I was going to make “fled” but she spotted the “I” among my tiles and suggested that I could make “field” instead).

Here’s looking forward to more.


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