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Batata Vada

This is a Mumbai street food classic. Its is often sold stuffed in to a pav, and it is what I often ate for breakfast in the little tea and snack  shop on  our college campus  (the other stand out memory of that shop is the long string of fine but strong thread the Malayali owner kept hanging from a nail on the wall, which he would use to slice through boiled eggs every time someone ordered a plate of those !)

That canteen, and the memory of  the times it kept me going when I needed to get a cheap lunch, have given me a special fondness for this snack 🙂

The girls love it too, so some days ago when I could think of nothing else I made these vadas for their gouter.

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Batata Vada

Luckily I had some green chutney  in the fridge and that goes really well with these vadas but ketchup is nice too, on the side.


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