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Mother’s Day 2010

Yet another Mother’s Day that they’ve made very special with their lovely cards and gifts.

Then, at lunch in a nice restaurant in the old town of Antibes, Indira startled and delighted me with her knowledge of the word rhetorical.

She asked, “What does rhetorical mean?” and then proceeded to answer the question herself. She asked if it was like a situation where the teacher might say “So who’s talking?!” when in fact the teacher knew who the culprit was.

So I wondered if the teacher had said just that, one day and then told the class that her question was rhetorical.

Then it was Noor’s turn to surprise me next, as she contributed her bit to the discussion of playground tensions in the primary section. I remember that I was quite impressed to hear her speak a couple of big words with ease that I would not have imagined she’d know how to use…it evades me now what she said exactly; I’ll ask Indira in the morning if she remembers the conversation.

I have to say I get a kick out of hearing them use their growing vocabulary. It’s amusing, it’s sweet and it’s pleasing too, that they learn and remember these big words.

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A bedtime story

The cooking I have done today for the boulangerie – boneless chicken in a yogurt and kasoori methi-flavored sauce, gobhi tamatar – will be memorable for this.

I have been working during the day, so though I managed to finish cooking the chicken this morning, I ended up making the gobhi right after we finished dinner. This meant, though, that I still hadn’t finished in the kitchen when Noor came around wanting to know who could read to her before she went to bed.

I have let Shri take care of the bedtime routine quite often in the recent past, but tonight I found myself wanting very much to share this ritual with her.

So I asked her if she would stay with me in the kitchen so we could read a story together while I cooked. She agreed and stayed by my side as I read aloud “Les Trois Petits Cochons” ,though it took a while since I was making the gobhi in two lots at the same time and I stopped every few minutes to add the spices and turn the gobhi over.

Thank you Noor, for your patience.

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Look Ma, no wheels !

Today’s the day Noor started to ride her little red cycle, for more than just a little bit, for the first time without the training wheels.

She is so pleased, as were Indira and I as we watched her go in the park this afternoon.

Fingers crossed for another sunny day tomorrow, so that we can go back to practice some more.

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Donkeys in the Springtime

That seems an improbable title for a post, but it is just what we have had in Mougins le Haut these last couple of days.

The Mairie seems to have decided to send out seven donkeys to our village, to clear up the grass that’s grown everywhere after all the rain these last few months.

The news of their impending arrival had spread already the previous day and the children were looking forward to it, so the sight of them created a lot of fun and excitement as the children all came out from school on Tuesday evening and saw them munching away on the grassy slope that runs along the road going in to school.

I thought this a great idea on more than one count. It is probably a cost-effective solution for the purpose, as well as eco-friendly (the Mairie, which is very green-minded, is advertising this measure as such- the digital display board on the side of the road that climbs up to the village says just now, “Ecologie !… ” and announces the work the donkeys are doing). And of course  the children’s delight at the whole scene makes me hope the donkeys will be back next spring too.

Here’s a picture of les’anes.

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Learning a lovely word-Kaffeeklatsch- and acknowledging an irony

I came across this word – kaffeeklatsch – for the first time just a few days ago, when a friend used it.  Though I had never encountered it before, the context in which she used it made the meaning obvious. As the Merriam Webster’s dictionary describes it here, it is an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation/gossip.

And then, in a little coincidence, I saw this very interesting article here a little while ago which describes many “mommy blogs” as a sort of kaffeeklatsch.

While this “mommy” blog, unlike some at the conference the article describes, is not trying to build a brand or monetize its’ content,  the title resonated with me because I am guilty sometimes of saying ” Honey, don’t bother Mommy…(or words to that effect)” to my daughters as I concentrate all my attention on this virtual space.

When I stop to think about it, it strikes me as a little ironical that though this blog began as a project  for and about them, it also prevents me now from conversing with my children in real time, sometimes.

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“He’s a growing boy…

…his clothes are just not keeping up, he’s a growing boy, look how he’s shooting up !”

or something like that, I think. Those were the words of a Complan or Bournvita commercial on Indian television many years ago, and I am often reminded of it each time I see that the girls’ shirt sleeves are getting shorter yet again, which means that through the long winter they have grown and so it is time to go shopping for clothes again.

I sometimes feel a little guilty, and ill-prepared, when I send them to school on a winter morning in a shirt or sweater the sleeves of which are not quite long enough to cover their arms as much as they’d like so as to be really cozy.

Then yesterday, when I was in the library with Indira’s class as they did some online research, I was amused to see that there were at least three other children whose sleeves looked as if they could definitely be longer.

So probably it happens to other mothers too, I thought, that you suddenly find yourself scrambling for clothes that fit them well !

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A walk in the park

The walkathon yesterday was just that – we did indeed walk in the Parc Valmasque (in Sophia, near the CIV)and it was a very easy trail too, so that even Noor walked 6 kms!!

The way it happened was that she and Indira and Shri did the 3 km circuit once with some of Indira’s friends and their parents, while the mother of  Indira’s friend Emmeline and I sat at the registration desk for walkers from our school.

Later, we all went together with Emmeline’s family and their two beautiful dogs Pastis and Snoopy so that was 3 km more for the children and the fathers.

Noor is ever so pleased that she has this impressive feat for us to write about in her Cahier de Vie, about this weekend.

I had thought that they’d be very tired today, especially since we  had Celine and her parents for dinner yesterday so we all slept very late last night.

But as it’s turned out, it’s me that has had an almost 3 hour nap this afternoon, while they have been up and playing as they usually do !

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