From the other side of a long vacation

We got back this morning after a long vacation – almost six weeks in India and one in Bangkok.

It feels like it is going to take some time to settle back in. For a while this afternoon, I found myself just wandering around the apartment, not sure about where to begin or what to do.

This is the first time after a holiday like this that I did not unpack right after getting back home. In fact, after a very nice lunch of rajma chawal – thank you, Shefali ! – the girls and I slept all afternoon, which was a first for me.

That made me wonder if this is one more sign that old age is creeping up on me…. But then, later this evening I was glad to see the upside of the passage of years – children who are older too and therefore able to help me unpack and put things away. So much so that the girls even took care of the most important job for today – removing the curry leaves from their stems – I brought back a big bunch of these – so that they could be frozen without delay.

Thank you, Indira and Noor, for all your willing, good-tempered help today.


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