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A win for the humble kaddu

At the end of week 16, there’s finally a slight increase in the order from the boulanger and I am sort of chuffed about that.

Next week, he wants twice the usual quantity of chicken.

The thing that really pleases me though, is that he continues to be game to try the kind of food that is not the usual curry – though the regular sort of boneless chicken curry and jeera pulav I made this last Tuesday were very well received by his clientele (“tous le monde dit tres bon”, his helper Corine told me).

So next Tuesday, to go with the mint- and coriander-flavored grilled chicken, I’ll be making pumpkin raita and thakkali sadam which is a recipe for tomato-flavored rice from Tamilian cuisine.

The latter two dishes is what we had for dinner yesterday and this afternoon I took some of the leftover portion of each for Patrick to taste. Much to my delight he agreed readily that we should try this combination next week.  He was not able to identify the vegetable in the sauce au yaourt and seemed quite taken with the idea when I told him what it was !


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