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A bedtime story

The cooking I have done today for the boulangerie – boneless chicken in a yogurt and kasoori methi-flavored sauce, gobhi tamatar – will be memorable for this.

I have been working during the day, so though I managed to finish cooking the chicken this morning, I ended up making the gobhi right after we finished dinner. This meant, though, that I still hadn’t finished in the kitchen when Noor came around wanting to know who could read to her before she went to bed.

I have let Shri take care of the bedtime routine quite often in the recent past, but tonight I found myself wanting very much to share this ritual with her.

So I asked her if she would stay with me in the kitchen so we could read a story together while I cooked. She agreed and stayed by my side as I read aloud “Les Trois Petits Cochons” ,though it took a while since I was making the gobhi in two lots at the same time and I stopped every few minutes to add the spices and turn the gobhi over.

Thank you Noor, for your patience.


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