French Fries “Bag” with Stand

That is the name – as on the box – of this cute little holder for fries that I bought at Casa today. I fell in love with this dish as soon as a I spotted it.

It will do equally well for potato wedges, or other small-ish sized finger foods, I think.

It reminded me, when I saw it in the store today, of the humble paper donas, so common in India, that are used to hold street foods like peanuts, spiced or roasted chana and jhaal muri which is still the one thing I look forward to on train rides that go across Bihar or West Bengal.

I have sometimes seen similar paper bags being used here too, to sell roasted chestnuts and caramelized peanuts during fairs, though they are not

as common a sight.

I thought the girls might get a kick out of this, to see their beloved wedges served in this dish. But more because it is such a reminder of times past, I decided I just had to buy this !


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