A walk in the park

The walkathon yesterday was just that – we did indeed walk in the Parc Valmasque (in Sophia, near the CIV)and it was a very easy trail too, so that even Noor walked 6 kms!!

The way it happened was that she and Indira and Shri did the 3 km circuit once with some of Indira’s friends and their parents, while the mother of  Indira’s friend Emmeline and I sat at the registration desk for walkers from our school.

Later, we all went together with Emmeline’s family and their two beautiful dogs Pastis and Snoopy so that was 3 km more for the children and the fathers.

Noor is ever so pleased that she has this impressive feat for us to write about in her Cahier de Vie, about this weekend.

I had thought that they’d be very tired today, especially since we  had Celine and her parents for dinner yesterday so we all slept very late last night.

But as it’s turned out, it’s me that has had an almost 3 hour nap this afternoon, while they have been up and playing as they usually do !


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