Two evaluations, both aced

I get a little kick out of Indira’s grammar evaluations – usually always more than good – in both the French as well as the English curriculums.

She is the only child in her class with parents who are neither French nor from any of the usual English-as-the-first-language countries.

So I was particularly chuffed with the 60/60 she made on a fairly long test they had in English grammar before these holidays began.  She was, in fact, the only one in her class who got that score.

Noor had a super report too; their class – the moyen section – got their first evaluations of the year and she’s got a green dot (which means skill or concept “well-acquired” as opposed to not, or in the process of) on all the parameters there are in the very detailed, four page report.

Good going, girls!


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