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A Perfect Cup of Tea

As I write this – indeed it is the reason I am writing this – I am drinking a cup of very well-made tea.

The really significant thing here is that it is the first cup of tea that Indira has ever made for me all by herself. So that is a memory of today I want to preserve.

As I vacuumed this morning I debated whether to ask Shri or her to make me my second cuppa of the morning. Then I remembered that Indira put together her own tea last night at the table- to drink with dessert after dinner at the home of their schoolmate Katia (who lives with her parents Maria and Louis on the first floor) – quite carefully.

So I decided that perhaps we can now move on to letting her handle the electric kettle as well, since she has helped Shri and me with all the other steps several times.

And she has in fact done this very well indeed and got the amount of milk exactly right too.

Ever since the girls were quite little, I have said to them often -and only half in jest – that I look forward to them being old enough that I can ask them to make for me the endless cups of tea I like to drink everyday.

Thank you Indira, I have waited years for this, it is very special !


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