An idea that won’t go away….

This is an idea/dream I have had for years -one that keeps coming back to me every once in a while- that I’d like to run a salon de the style café or restaurant or a catering service of some kind.

It is hard work, so I keep asking myself why I would do this. I guess the answer is that I genuinely enjoy cooking and introducing people to “real” Indian food of the every day sort, as well as the  fascinating variety in Indian cuisines, which is so often not what most Indian restaurants offer.

I wonder if I’ll ever actually take that plunge; in the meanwhile I am testing out the waters by supplying Indian food once a week to the local boulanger and the food I provided him for 10 people (dhokla, aloo tikkis, tandoori chicken, green chutney, carrot salad and chole) last Tuesday sold out very quickly.

Since the girls are always so appreciative of all my cooking efforts, I split my takings from this first time with them and this has won me several points with them 🙂

Fingers crossed for next week now !



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4 responses to “An idea that won’t go away….

  1. Priti

    Congratulations !! Ek din tumhara sapna zaroor poora hoga.

    • tumhare muh me ghee shakkar !

      we are on to week 3 now; but this is a small village so it’s probably going to be only a small likely pool of those who’ll be keen on Indian food.
      So we’ll see how long this works. Then I have to figure out what (if) to do with this next.

      Vaise this is certainly a learning experience, in little unexpected ways.

      BTW the vermicelli has been bought, I intend to make that upma with your recipe this weekend.

  2. priya

    Abs gr8 sure the chandna salon de the style cafe will happen soon! A salute to your spirit!

    • hey thank you for the encouragement.

      well yes as i say this is what they call a “kira” in the head in Hindi 🙂

      will talk to you about it more when we meet.

      At the moment I am starting work on a consulting assignment, so I will re-visit this cafe/catering project after that is wrapped up in the summer. In the meanwhile I will try to keep it going with the boulangerie; it is an engaging project in itself and it may also be one way to build some word-of-mouth, hopefully.

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