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Singin’ in the Rain? Be careful how you dress!

Last week when Indira was at her flute lesson, Noor and I watched the “zoobie doobie” song – from the recent Bollywood film “3 Idiots”-  again on YouTube.

I had seen the film recently and just loved this song, so we watched it together one evening while eating dinner.

Noor did not say anything that day but last week when she watched it with me again, she said -when it gets to the bit where Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor are standing on the swing while it rains – “Mama, they don’t feel cold? They shouldn’t really be wearing those clothes in the rain !!”


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Shhh…It’s a birthday surprise…

Noor did the sweetest thing as we walked to pick up Indira from her dance class on Wednesday afternoon this week.

She began to tell me her plans for the card she intended to make for Shri’s birthday- which is round the corner – and I listened with half an ear until I suddenly realized that she was whispering ! And in fact she continued to whisper to me for the next few minutes, describing the color scheme and her ideas for hiding it from him until the morning of his birthday. I thought that was just the most adorable thing, that though he was not in hearing distance she felt the secret could only be whispered. So I found myself whispering back too, to acknowledge that I had heard and understood what she planned to do.

And tonight she helped me bake a cake for him – I depend on them now to bring out many of the ingredients and to do some of the mixing; it really makes the job easier and less mechanical to have one of them by my side – while he was away at the music school with Indira.  I’ll post the picture here after the formal cake-cutting ceremony.

Here it is

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