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A pleasurable afternoon

We woke up yesterday at 10am- after a very late night at Ayesha and Naiyer’s- to a light snowfall.

The view from our window yesterday morning

It was such a lovely sight and it  had the girls all enthused about going to one of the ski slopes not too far away to play in the snow.

But it turned out to be only just a flurry that stopped soon. The sun came out, in all it’s glory, by noon and it was another clear, gorgeous, warm day after all.

So after a late lunch we went for a long,leisurely walk in the Valmasque ( a large, forested area that extends across Valbonne and Mougins) which the girls enjoyed very much. I realized then that it has been a long time since we did this sort of thing with them and we have all resolved to make the most of spring and summer and go for such walks often.

This part of the forest is where I walk sometimes – the trail begins a five or ten minutes walk away from home – when the girls are in school, so I was pleased to take them there yesterday and that they enjoyed it as much as I do.

The beginning of my trail

Two cyclists who rode past me this afternoon

It is probably too early but it feels like spring is in the air, with that pretty splash of red

The table I hope to come to with Shri and the girls for breakfast next weekend


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