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All About Alliterations

Are they just exceedingly common – like the three or four on most pages of a book called “Legend of Dirty Bert the Bandit” – or did the one in the title of this post come about because I am thinking alliteratively today?!

Sonu Bua – the family’s English language champ – could probably tell us about that.

But now to the point of this post.

I still remember the day- many years ago now –  when I first started to fall in love with the English language; it was when Sister Manisha pointed out the alliterations in a poem we were studying in class (it might have been grade 4 or 6, or class 4 or 6, as it is known in India but I am not sure).

So it has been such a pleasure – and a nostalgic “how time flies” feeling – to see Indira pick out, quite easily, all the alliterations in the afore-mentioned book as she does her holiday homework this morning.


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