Steamed Salmon

This recipe is the same as for steamed trout, but Indira loves salmon cooked this way so much – and she certainly prefers it to the trout – I thought it deserves its own post.

Though Noor informed me a couple of days ago that she still prefers her trout/salmon to be grilled with pesto, so I must remember to make it like that for her next time, instead of steaming the fish yet again 🙂

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Steamed Salmon

Salmon fillets

1 tablespoon of fresh rosemary

sea salt to taste

a few slices of lime

Sprinkle the salt on the salmon, spread the rosemary, then place the slices of lime on top.   Fill some water in the bowl of the steamer and set it to heat. Now place the fillets in the basket of the steamer and cook the fish till it is done.

Eat this hot, squeeze some more lime  if you like after breaking up the pieces of fish a little.

Just delicious.



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4 responses to “Steamed Salmon

  1. Priti

    have u ever made peanut chikli with jaggery ?

    • yes, often, but a long time ago, when i was in school/on college vacation and helped my ma make the stuff.

      it used to be tricky i remember to get the thickness of the jaggery syrup right.

      are you thinking of making it for diwali?

      hey happy diwali to all of you !

  2. Priti

    I was cleaning my kitchen out and came across some gud , so thought I’ll put it to use. I tried making it y’day but was quite disappointing. Now I am finishing it up since the kids refused to touch it.

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