Traditional Toffee at Confiserie Florian

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Like the Verrerie visit (to the factory in Biot where they demonstrate the technique of glass blowing at the beginning of the holidays which we did with Novairah and Zohair, the girls really enjoyed the afternoon we spent at the Confiserie Florian at Pont du Loup ( last week .  Zohair was with us too and I think they were all fascinated by  the bonbon-making process. They seemed very struck by the sight of real rose petals and violette flowers – among other flowers and fruits – being used to create the flavors, as much as by the molding machine.

pics-on-camera 616

pics-on-camera 615

The browsing and tasting in the boutique was good fun too 🙂

Surprisingly, the kids liked the jams more than the toffees. And by unanimous choice, we all picked the rose jam to bring back with us.

Shri said that one of the confitures he tasted was “just like murabba” . Which made me wonder if kids in India know any more that delicious fruit confiture of our own.  My mother did make delicious  murabba with carrots and amla when we were in school, but I don’t think she does any more.

Probably a good thing too, given all the sugar that goes in to it !

But I guess I still seek the taste of those preserves made from traditional recipes, in which one could actually taste the fruit,  so that most commercially prepared jams just don’t work for me.

pics-on-camera 635

violette bonbons, coated in sugar, ready for packing

pics-on-camera 632

rose-flavored bonbons as they come out from the molding machine;the truncated finger is perhaps the hidden cost of hand-made?

pics-on-camera 627

the pate, after it has been cooled and cut in to those smaller pieces with the scissors in the picture, before it is put through the molding machine


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