For the folks at Balenciaga…We’d like that in white, please

this is another precious memory to record.

we were walking back late last night along the Croisette in Cannes, after watching the first of the annual fireworks-competition shows on the beach.

The Balenciaga store was still brightly lit, and there was this gorgeous grey and pink gown on display, one of those things that is made to fit and flow beautifully and Indira looked at that and said

“that is what I am going to wear for my wedding”….

For most of the rest of the walk back to the car, we talked about whether a white model of the dress would be nicer, since it would be a wedding dress, and whether silver or white shoes would be better.

Interesting conversation, that 🙂

I did feel compelled to end – just felt I ought to, had to !! – by pointing out that it was anyway too early to be making up one’s mind or worrying about wedding dresses, that there was a long time to go yet.

But very good taste, I must say, it was a really beautiful dress. Wish I had had the camera to take a picture; am sure the designers at Balenciaga would not have minded ! And we’d have a record of what she’d like, in white, in  time to come.


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