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Finance 101

As we said ‘bye to B, Nani, Boudi, Ruhin and Rehaan at the airport last Sunday, the girls apparently got a generous 10 Euros each from their Mamu.

Indira was delighted that I said this meant we could buy the trousse (soft pencil case) for her that she has wanted for some weeks now but that I have been saying is too expensive (part of the “Didl” range of toys that are so popular here, the trousse was marked at about 9,95Euros when I checked a few weeks ago in Jouet Club).

Then yesterday evening, as I did my weekly shopping at Carrefour, I saw quite a pretty trousse – though a generic one – in purple which is one of the colors Indira likes a lot. What’s more, it was priced at only 3 Euros. So when the girls came with Shri to pick me up, I showed it to Indira and suggested that since it was pretty enough, buying it instead of the “Didl” brand would mean she’d have a nice trousse, and 7 Euros left over for her piggy bank.

She agreed very readily, without demur,which was very gratifying.  I think she got the point; though she does say that having this balance means she can get other things she wants, she also intends to limit those next purchases to 2-3 Euros, so that she’ll be left over with 4 or 5 Euros still.

That, I like to think, is a start…


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