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An enduring tradition

Yesterday, Indira’s classmate Nicky spent the day with us.

In the afternoon, the girls seemed to be getting a little bored so I asked if they’d like to help me bake something for their gouter.

They agreed happily and we made a carrot cake together.

The unexpected pleasure for me  was that after I had finished pouring the cake mix in to the baking pan, Nicky asked for two spoons so she and Indira could scrape off what was left in the mixing bowl. Indira and Noor always love a little lick – sometimes more than one – of the batter too but they have never asked for the bowl !

As they sat on the sofa, licking the remnants off their spoons as they watched some television, it reminded me of the time Dada -my father-in-law – did the same with what was left in a pot which I had used to make kheer, after the kheer itself has been taken out in to a serving bowl; Shri does the same with the masala and crispy or slightly burnt bits of subzi left sticking to the sides of a karahi in which the subzi has been cooked.

In an era of Nintendo DSs, it is good and reassuring to see that some things stay the same 🙂


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