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Rosemary-scented Baked Potatoes

This one is worth making just for the heavenly aroma of rosemary that permeates the air as the potatoes bake.

And the potatoes are really delicious too, so the sight of the serving bowl was greeted with rapturous welcome when I made them a few days ago after a long gap of some months.

Indira likes them so much she was moved to say she wished that the rest of us didn’t like them, because that way she could have them all !!


Baked Potatoes with Rosemary

6 large potatoes

3-4 tbsp of olive oil

2 cloves of garlic, crushed or grated

sea salt to taste

freshly ground black pepper, about 1/2 a tsp (add less or more, as you like)

2 tbsps worth of fresh rosemary leaves (these should ideally be chopped, I guess, but I just take the leaves off the stems, rinse them and use them as is)

Peel the potatoes and cut them in to 5mm thick wedges. Set the oven to heat now, at 200degreesC.

Put the potatoes in a mixing bowl, add the salt, and leave for 5 minutes.

Now add the rest of the ingredients, mix well and spread in a single layer on a baking tray. Place the tray at the top of the oven and leave the potatoes to cook for 45-50 minutes.

And enjoy the aroma of rosemary that will begin to fill the kitchen soon 🙂

Half way through, turn over each wedge with a pair of tongs, to cook evenly.

These potatoes work very well as a snack or a starter, or on the side with a soup or a salad. And I am always secretly hoping for some to be left over – though this rarely happens – so that I can put them in to a piece of baguette or some other bread the next day, with some salad leaves and cheese, for a sandwich lunch.


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