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A grade that pleases

In her first term evaluation, in the part that covers the french portion of the curriculum Indira has got an A for language orale and an A+ for


I must say that is a source of some pride to me, since she is after all a trilingual child and one whose parents speak no French with her.  I do try and get her to read the occasional storybook in French that we pick up at the  local bibliotheque, but am always worried that this can’t be enough since she doesn’t even watch any television in the local language, except the Disney channel on the weekend.

So those grades, from a new teacher who is very demanding in the pace and standards she sets, have been very reassuring.

My father would have been pleased too.  He was a man who delighted in words. He loved to challenge us with little vocabulary tests at meal times, pushed us to always try and find just the right word to express a thought or idea or situation, and had a great command of the three languages he spoke – Hindi, English and Urdu.

So I like to think that he would taken pleasure in Indira’s little achievement too.

Bravo, Indira, and let’s keep reading.


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