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This week in our history…

Barack Obama has deservedly won a historic election. Though I found myself wishing, as I watched the media focus so much attention after his victory on the country of his father’s birth, that they would also then stop to acknowledge that it is his mother and her family who played the far more important role in his becoming the person who has been able to get to where he is today. As he has said himself about his mother “What is best in me I owe to her”.

But, other than that minor gripe, what a fantastic thing to happen. As I wrote to someone I discussed this with, this has been an event that for me has made America after a long time seem the place it is supposed to be, not the place it has appeared to become in the last few years.

Also very heartening is the fact that Mr. Obama won 66% of the youth vote , or those between 18-29 years of age. Looking ahead, this gives me confidence that the America my daughters may travel to later in their lives, for work or study or both will be a more fair-minded, more color blind place than it is today.

Closer home, Indira has been reading “Grown-ups make you Grumpy” to me.


They get one book each week from their teacher, to bring home for reading practice.

This one is about the humor in some common phrases.

We have had fun discussing how when the teacher says ” Come on Jack pull your socks up !!” she means to get sharp and do your work, not to literally pull your socks up, and when Mom says “I’ll put the kettle on”, she doesn’t mean she’ll put it on her head, but that she’ll boil water in it.

Today at bedtime Noor “read” to me again every page in that little book in the picture -Ma petite voiture rouge– verbatim, from having heard Indira and me read it to her a few times. it is a just such a pleasure, I must say, to hear her do that, and say even the bigger words like silenceusement so clearly 🙂

Not too long ago, she used to call a boulangerie a “boonjali”, and said “rimberer” for remember.

I feel a pang in my heart for the babyhood she is leaving behind…

And on the subject of food – this Saturday, I made a very interesting,spicy dish called Achari Paneer for our guests who came to dinner; and some Besan vali Moongfali ; a very quick-to-cook (albeit not very healthy on account of it being deep-fried) starter to munch while the early arrivals waited for the rest.


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