About “Cuisine du Monde” Day, in school

I went this morning to complete Noor’s registration at the kindergarten – she will start there in September – that Indira went to as well.

It was a good feeling to go back and meet the teachers again; it is a typical, small, village school, with a very warm, friendly and “familial” atmosphere.

One of their really interesting annual traditions is “Cuisine Du Monde” or world cuisine day . They ask, for this event, all the parents to contribute a food typical of their home country. The first time I participated when Indira attended this school, I remember the children spent the morning tasting paella, sushi, tiramisu, brioche, zlabia, and then went back to their classrooms to identify each of the countries they had tasted the foods of, on a globe. They colored in their respective home countries on a world map, learnt to identify those of their classmates, and exclaimed over the fact that much of the earth is covered in water.

How cool a Geography 101 lesson is that!!

My own contribution that year was coconut laddoos, and potato-tuna cutlets for which I got the recipe from Jinia. Both were big hits. Many of the other mothers asked me for the recipes –always a good sign 🙂

Perhaps I’ll make the same things again for Noor’s class too, at this year’s world cuisine day.


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