The Beginning – Diwali,2007

That seems like a good place to begin this blog.

As I did when Indira was in her last year of kindergarten,  last Diwali too I decided that I would send some Indian sweets to the girls’ schools. I hoped to introduce the festival to their friends and teachers, and to encourage the girls to share the excitement at home -over the puja, the fire crackers, and the annual potluck with all our Indian friends – with their friends in school. They are so crazy about Christmas, I guess I want them to be equally enthused about Diwali as well.

So I made some shakkarparas, and some gajar ka halwa, for the teachers and children of Indira’s class and for those in Noor’s playschool.

I was quite overwhelmed by the delighted response from both places. Both the shakkarparas and the halwa were big successes in both schools; Indira’s teacher got all the kids in class to make a thank you card for me that I’ll cherish forever.

And the real icing on the cake that day? I found, when I went to pick up Indira that day, that her teacher had in fact bought a book about Diwali , with lovely pictures, on her last trip to England and was planning to tell the class about the festival in any case !!

The picture here is of the rangoli done outside the door of our apartment by our friend Sumitha. While I watched in admiration as Sumitha made the pattern on the floor with rice flour so effortlessly, I was also amused by the utterly fascinated look on Indira’s face as she watched Sumitha at work. That made all the organization for the potluck worthwhile.


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  1. foodiva

    I love shakkarparas! Its a pity that we all stay in India and don’t get around to making our traditional sweets filled with good taste, nutrition and no preservatives added! Its an inspiration ! I should start making some stuff myself 🙂 Thanks!

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